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Flow Research Invents New Type of Flowmeter


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Patent Application Now Published

The patent was published by the US Patent Office on July 14, 2015. The Patent Number is 9,080,908. The following is a link to the USPTO location where the patent is published:

United States Patent 9,080,908

Flow Research Invents New Type of Flowmeter  

August 2013

Flow Research has invented a new type of flowmeter that has the potential to have a major impact on the flowmeter world.  This device creates a new method of measurement without the use of external meters that uses an internal measuring methodology to reduce space, weight, and cost by confining the measuring to the interior of the pipe.  Flow Research’s flowmeter will increase the efficiency and accuracy of existing flowmeters.  This new method of measurement will work at least with Coriolis, ultrasonic, magnetic, thermal, vortex, differential pressure, and turbine meters.

The new flowmeter [patent pending] works with an existing inline flowmeter by making a measurement in a reduced area of the pipe.  Advantages of this method include enhanced accuracy, reduced pressure drop, less sensitivity to flow profile, and reduced cost.  This new type of meter will enhance the performance of an existing meter and provide increased accuracy and reliability at reduced cost.  Moreover it may be used to measure flow in large diameter pipes without external heavy flowmeters.

Background of this New Flowmeter

Flow Research has been researching and analyzing the flowmeter and instrumentation markets since 1998.  During this time we have visited over 100 flowmeter and end-user companies in many parts of the world.   We have seen many flowlabs, and talked to hundreds of people about the advantages and disadvantages of different flowmeter types.   We have also published more than 150 market studies that include analyses of every type of flowmeter.  This includes market size, market shares, company profiles, and product analyses.   Dr.  Jesse Yoder, company founder, has also authored more than 200 published articles on instrumentation topics in industry journals.  During this time, we have come to appreciate the need for more accuracy and reliability in the available flowmeters.

We believe that this newly invented flowmeter will fill a critical need in the flowmeter community.  On the one hand, it will not require end-users to become familiar with and invest in completely new technology.  On the other hand, it will enable suppliers to manufacture flowmeters with enhanced accuracy and reliability at reduced cost.  While this may not be the “perfect” flowmeter, it is a step in the direction of a better flowmeter.

Flow Research Seeking Partners

Flow Research is seeking partners who are interested in licensing this technology.  We believe that it has the potential to transform the flowmeter market.  If you or your company are interested in exploring this possibility, or would like to know more about this new type of flowmeter, please contact us at the following location:

Jesse Yoder, PhD
Flow Research, Inc.
27 Water Street
Wakefield , MA    01880
(781) 245-3200
(781) 224-7552 (fax)


Thank you.  

Flow Research, Inc. | 27 Water Street | Wakefield, MA 01880 | (781) 245-3200 | (781) 224-7552 (fax) | (800) 245-1799 (from the USA) | info@flowresearch.com

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